Pavement Management Primer Part 1 (Introduction)

Hey, everyone. This is Blair Barnhardt, Founder and Executive Director of the International Pavement Management Association, and author of The Book On Better Roads: Saving Your Crumbling Roadways With Practical Pavement Management with today’s session which is entitled Pavement Management Primer.

Practical Pavement Management

My intent is, and always has been, to help everyone understand the importance of practical pavement management, particularly in these trying economic times when pavement managers are required to do more with less money. So in today’s session, it’s meant to be a 30,000-foot overview of practical pavement management with the three-legged stool system.

First and foremost, let’s go over some things we all need to know whether we’re working with a city or a county, whether we’re a rate payer, just a concerned citizen, or a media person. Maybe you’ve got access to a TV channel or a website, and you want to spread this news. Just know that today’s 30,000-foot overview is a simple approach with some topics here, some things we all need to think about regarding the state of our current roadways.

Part 2 will cover our initial problem, THE FUNDING MONSTER. Keep Calm and Pave On!



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