The Driving America for Better Roads Series is COMiNG to TUMBLR

Why Are We Driving America For Better Roads?

Follow one man with one passionsaving America’s crumbling roadways. Over the last three months we’ve driven over 25,000 miles across America to teach agency engineers and university learners how to do more with less, while increasing their authority, expertise, and income. Our mission is to save America’s crumbling roads for less money and even less carbon footprint.  #pavementmanagement


Did You Know?

  • We’re spending 57% of our GDP on 1.8% of our roadways, widening them when we can’t afford to take care of our existing roadways?

  • America will have a 3 trillion dollar backlog of deficient roadways unless we CHANGE how we manage our pavements!

  • Asphalt is the #1 recycled product in America, yet we only recycle in-place 3% of our roads. Only YOU can help change this!

Look for the hit series…Pavement recycling is finally catching on!  Help tell everyone!

Learn even more here!  FREE BOOK!

Thank you, Blair Barnhardt


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