Case Study – High Density Mineral Bond (HA5 ®) Part 1

BONUS CHAPTER EIGHT – Case Study – High Density Mineral Bond (HA5®)
While traveling in the Better Roads Bus out west I came across a breakthrough in pavement preservation especially targeted for residential roadways. This same product however can be used as a wearing surface for hot-in place recycling and cold-in place recycling, and I let the owners of the Holbrook Asphalt firm know that this may also be an area that they want to invest in doing some additional R& D.
Just goes to show you once again, perception… Had I not driven 84,000 miles across this great country, I may have never discovered some of these products and services. Again, this is something new to me, but these folks in Utah, Arizona and Nevada have been using High Density Mineral Bond fo
r over a decade.
If you haven’t heard of this product yet, I am almo st certain you will as demand for this type of preservation treatment is growing nationwide. Again, classified officially as a High Density Mineral Bond with a specification produced by the American Public Works Association. It’s more commonly known as HA5® as that is the name of the only product at this time currently meeting the High Density Mineral Bond specification.
People ask me all the time, Blair why is this here HA5® such a game changer in the world of pavement preservation? Well I may very well be one of the biggest skeptics out there, and after seeing what I saw, and talking to the folks that have been using this treatment in the states that we visited, I can tell you why!
In fact, I can let you watch the same thing I saw during my time teaching at the Utah Road School and going out on the field trip with all the folks there. (Who doesn’tlove a good field trip!?)
Check out the YouTube video right here
To be continued…

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