IPMA™ | Driving America for Better Roads Episode 2

Part 2

blairb – Driving America for Better Roads Episode 2 (Transcript is below)

Duration: 10:06

—- START —-


Blair                0:30 

Harper, quick question.


Harper            0:32 


Blair                0:33 

In the year 2040, this country that we live in, will be in debt up to our ears with a backlog of deficient roads – can you tell us, and the listeners, how much money we are going to be debt?

Harper            0:50 

We’ve got trillions and zillions, but -.

Blair                0:52 

We are definitely going to be —- pick a number.        

Harper            0:57 

I would say 9… 3?


Blair                0:59 

3 trillion dollars in debt is where we’re heading, in 2040, if we don’t get a handle and start preserving out infrastructure in America.


Blair                1:31 

Hey, this is Blair Barnhardt – driving America for better roads. I snuck out here on Congression Road, in the City of Marietta. Kudos, shout out to the city of Marietta for doing this excellent in-place asphalt recycling project here in Georgia.



I caught up here with the crew after they had shut down on a Friday afternoon, and the equipment is static. I’ve been around this in-place recycling asphalt stuff since the mid-90’s, and you know what? Blood still gets hot and excited when I see the equipment. Having been on all around this stuff pretty much for the last 2 decades, you can image how exciting it is for me to see a road like this being transformed, from an old road into a new road.

So anyway, the purpose of today’s session; this stop in Marietta, Georgia; is to get everybody up to speed in the next couple of months of training opportunities. So if you’ve ever wondered: “you know, I want to be a pavement manager Blair”; or “I’ve done this all my life, but I’m really not sure about the in-place asphalt recycling or the pavement preservation’; or “what do you use for straight edges Blair? Where do you get them from?”; “Blair, I know you do distance measuring in the field, and that old estimator in you comes out and you reconfirm all the measurements for us, for our BID documents – what instruments do you use?” I get these on EBay, and I’m almost too afraid to say because I’ll never be able to get any more once I tell everybody, but anyway these are the J-MAR Rack 100. This is the old school version, I don’t use the new technology that they have. But this a Rack 100, we’ve got a half a dozen of these units. They can run off the OBD-2 plug, or you can hardwire them into the odometer; and that’s a distance measuring unit, or DMI – distance measuring instrument. The measuring wheels we’ve used in the field for years are the Keyson Model RR3-18N, in feet. Now if you’re listening from Canada or one of the European countries, outside of the USA, it’s probably going to be a metric wheel that you want to get – so just double check on the model number. The bright orange seems to work for us, so we don’t back over them. The micro-paver guides, we wear them out whether we’re doing street-paver or micro-paver, we’re generally going to pick up on the 20 different pavement stresses.


So if you’re wondering why I’m mentioning all of this is because during the classroom sessions; whether they’re 1 day, 3 hours, 2 days, whether if it’s the 50 or 60 hours of online curriculum for IPMA academy; you are going to get all this information available to you. What do you use for drills, or I know you go out and you actually do network level coring – what do you use? We use the DD-130 with the 3-inch, we’ve kind of settled in on the 3-inch diamond tip drill bit here. The DD-130 seems to work well for us; we’ve run them off inverters, we’ve run them off of generators. In any case, if you would like more information on that, you can go ahead and email me: blair@impa.co. And any questions that you have along the way, any questions to do with pavement management.


Here’s a great time in our life, we’ve got the MAC 21, the new transportation language involved; payment preservation, asset management, pavement management, in-place asphalt recycling, sustainability; all those key words. You know I think I may be the first person ever to put the words: payment preservation, pavement management, and in-place asphalt management, all in the same sentence.


None the less, lets go over our training opportunities that we have coming up here: 

October 18-19, we have NWETC – North Western Environment Training Center. 2 day session here on pavement manage, in-place asphalt recycling, and pavement preservation. This will be in Seattle, Washington.

We have the North West Pavement Management Association meeting coming up. Plenty of great training opportunities there; I’ll be one of the speakers up there for that particular conference, and a lot of other expert pavement managers will be in attendance up there. So October 23-26, Vancouver, Washington – is the date and location for that.

Then we’ve got APWA – Southern California Chapter, November 1st. I’ve got a 3 hour training session that I’m going to do at no charge, as far as I can tell, and you’ll get PDH credit hours for attending that. And then there’s a great afternoon session with vendors; also there will be a panel discussion later on, with some very distinguished speakers that Lisa has lined up for that. So we’ve got Seattle, Vancouver, then we’re in Palm Springs, California – out in the dessert. That’s APWA, Southern California, November 1st.

APWA – Northern California Chapter – November 7 and 8, I’ll be doing a talk up there in Richmond, California. A lot of great things going on up there in public works, some great sessions lined up.

Then we have the open enrollment, only for 2 weeks, with the IPMA academy – that’s International Pavement Management Association academy. I hope to see you sign up for that. This is where you’re going to get a wealth of information, 50 to 60 hours of online curriculum. University level courses here on pavement preservation, in-place pavement recycling all things; cold in-place, hot in-place, and full depth reclamation, soil stabilization. All those things that keep you awake at night wondering: ‘Blair, what do you when we’ve got this particular PCI rating and … so many … 7:20 – how would we best go out and do that most eco-efficiently? For the least amount of money and the longest service life’. So IMPA academy training online enrollment, impa.co is the website. You are going to want to keep a close eye on that enrollment period, December 1 through 14; classes will start January 1st. It will take about 4 to 5 months to complete that, and then you’ll apply to the IPMA advisory board that’s headed by the chair, Emlda Diaz from LA County. 


Hope to see you at one of these locations, in the interim think great things with pavement preservation, in-place asphalt recycling, and your pavement management program. Great successes, the stories go on and on. I’ve said for many years that asphalt is the number one recycled product in America, and yet very few people know that we only recycle 3% of our roads in-place. This is a travesty, and I would definitely like to encourage you to let everybody you know – as we drive America to better roads. Let everybody know that pavement management, in-place asphalt recycling, and pavement preservation are your key to better roads, for less money and more eco-efficient along the way.


So Blair Barnhardt will be signing off here, from our location in Marietta, Georgia. Hope to see you at the next stop.



Harper            9:14 

You know, I think you just said it all. I think that you’re exactly right, that’s very good information. I mean right now that we’re in such a bad place; I can’t even begin to describe out debt as of now, so I can’t image the year 2040.


Blair                9:27 

Well think of this way, Harper. Here’s an idea, our grandchildren won’t be able to afford to come down to Mount Biscuits to buy a biscuit, because they’ll be paying for a backlog of deficient roads in America. 

If we don’t know how to preserve them; we have a D-minus infrastructure right now, we you aware of that?

Harper            9:44 

I was not aware of that. That’s a bad thought, no biscuits? Man, phew!


Blair                9:48 

Thanks for so much joining us.

Harper            9:51 

Thank you for having me.

Blair                9:52 

Can you say with us right now? Driving America…


Harper            9:54 

Driving America…


Blair                9:56 

… for better roads.

Harper            9:57 

… for better roads!

—- END —-



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