Aesthetics are NEXT! (But, you have to deal with Part 3)

If you are ready for the bottom line, you must read this first, sorry…

Premium Seal Coat Left/HA5® Right – Both In Service 4 Years

After 30 years in construction it takes me a lot to get excited, you sure can see in the graphic above, it is easy to identify the difference in longevity and performance of the two treatments. And by the way, this type of proof of performance is what I subscribe to most. That is… in field… real world performance evaluation rather than laboratory test results.

One of my main mentors, Dr. John Emery used to always say to me, there are three ways to do a job Blair, “you have got the classroom, you know the books, then you have the laboratory results of how things should go, and then most importantly, you have what actually goes on out there in the field!”

This is an untouched picture of a high-end subdivision road with HA5®installed, compared to a premium asphalt emulsion sealer. Both treatments were installed within one week of each other around 4 years back.

Initially, the differences were minimally discernable. However, after four short years, the HA5® is still effectively preserving the pavement and will for many years to come while the non-HA5® treated section is exposed to the environment and is experiencing oxidation damage once again.

The overarching benefit of the preservation treatment however is the HA5®’s ability to reduce the aging characteristics of the asphalt pavement. In fact recently, an independent engineering firm reported 9x less cracking in the HA5® treated section compared to the section receiving what has been considered premium asphalt seal coat.


I will be back with the “bottom line”…Aesthetics…Everyone wants to be “pretty”.




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