IPMA Tip of the Week | VIDEO THREE – Bountiful Opportunities

Thanks  for watching video one and two last week and for sharing it with all your friends and colleagues. Also, big thanks for all the great feedback in your emails to us and your Facebook comments and likes!
Over the course of one single week you will get enough short video content to transform your local agencies way of thinking about your roadway infrastructure.  I am trying hard to keep the videos under 20 minutes, but still give you the tools to save millions!
Here is the link to the third video CLICK FOR VIDEO THREE
I encourage you to watch all three videos (you can click back on the other two links from video three page) and pay close attention to our special agency engineers as they reveal their secrets to doing more roads for less money and less carbon footprint with the Three Legged Stool System of Pavement Management™.
In the last two videos you heard Miguel Valentin, PE, APM describe deeper in detail to his County Commission how he has literally done the same amount of roadways with half the money, in half the time as the conventional methods.  You also heard from Basem Muallem, PE, Caltrans District 8 Director in Video Two as he laid out the framework for his vision for all things pavement management, recycling and preservation at Caltran!  You know by now that The Three Legged Stool System of Pavement Management™ Works and you have learned to Heed The Naysayers!  Now is YOUR TIME, TIME FOR YOU to soar like an eagle into the circle of Pavement Management RockSTARs™!
Please share and enjoy!  If you have any questions along the way please feel free to contact me at anytime at blair@ipma.co or 404-323-5974, any day of the week!
Here is the link to the third video  CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO THREE
 P.S. »  Click here to CLAIM YOUR FREE Copy of the Book and thanks to all of those that have already purchased the book or are part of the IPMA™ Academy Alumni of Pavement Management RockSTARs™!
P.S.S.: I have given our IPMA™ Members and Insiders 24 hour advance notice on this video and the offers inside of it.  If you decide to enroll in IPMA™ Academy to earn your APM ™ Designation today and take advantage of all of the crushing BONUS Offers, I am going to go ahead and also throw in as a surprise and additional BONUS The Unreleased Black Album starring Dr. Mike Heitzman and myself doing some of our very best pavement management training ever!  (this DVD has and will only be available as part of the Book on Better Roads Free Book Campaign).  Send me an email to let me know that you signed up as a result of this email, no special coupons or other fancy stuff like that, simply remind me that you got this, took advantage of it and acted.


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