Fun in Utah

I have spent over 4 decades playing rock and roll, recording, writing, and teaching rock guitar instruction.  Why wait to master this, you know you have always wanted to be a RockSTAR!  You will learn in 10 weeks what many take a lifetime to master.  Being blessed to play with some of the best musicians in the world, I can help you shorten your learning curve on all things Rock and Roll Guitar Instruction.  From what strings, what guitars, what effects, what amps, what chords, what riffs, what leads, what octave strums, acoustic, electric, baritone, bass guitar, alternate tunings, drop tunings, old school, modern, well you get the picture!  Watch the video and sign up TODAY!!  You will be rocking around your campfire in two months and be the star of your Facebook friends!!!!!  Please LIKE us here on the 10 Week RockSTAR™ Facebook Page and tell all your friends about us because we are creating way more content than we imagined, so the low introductory price will be going up SOON YIKES!!

Fun in Utah


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