Meet Blair

Blair Barnhardt is the author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller, The Book on Better Roads: $aving Your Crumbling Roads With Practical Pavement Management. He has also has designed and delivered green, cost-saving pavement management, in-place asphalt recycling and preservation programs across North America over the last 2 decades.  His Three Legged Stool System™ of pavement management forms the basis for most all of the curriculum he teaches and the soon to be released Book on Better Roads.  In addition to his online IPMA™ Academy Accredited Pavement Manger (APM™) Certification training, Blair has also designed and delivered training at NHI, Asphalt Institute, FHWA, NWETC, APWA, LTAP, TTAP, Purdue Road School, Utah Road School, IACERS Road School, University of Kansas, UC Berkeley ITS Department and Auburn University.

Blair was involved with the most recent revision for one of the textbooks that is used in the APM™ Certification Program curriculum (ARRA/FHWA Basic Asphalt Recycling Manual). In addition, he is a published author in every major related trade journal including FHWA Public Roads, Public Works, Roads & Bridges, Asphalt Contractor, Army Engineer, Better Roads, andWorld Highways Magazine.  Blair Barnhardt and The Barnhardt Group are  Founders Circle Lifetime Members of the Pavement Recycling & Reclaiming



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