IPMA™ PDH Power HOUR™ Pavement Management Training

Hey Pavement Management RockSTARs, over a million people per month search the internet for key words like ‘The Voice’ and ‘American IDOL’, and zero search on pavement management training!  We have 4 million miles of roadway in USA, an no one is searching on ways to manage it?  Whats up with that?

(Although I do sometimes watch the Idol show myself, and that performance last night by Hollywood Anderson was amazing!  Here is a link if you want to watch his audition http://youtu.be/dBnZB2VmVYc)
Our goal for 2015 is to provide you with tons of free pavement management training content, so that you can turn your crumbling roadways and parking lots into smoother, wider and safer pavements for a fraction of the cost of conventional rehabilitation techniques.
PLEASE NOTE:  You do not have to ‘purchase’ the course in the first 30 days, you simply click on the GREEN PREVIEW BUTTONS  


You will however have to enter your name and email one time only into the Kajabi Next Learning platform, but this is all legit, and is where we will be hosting all of our free pavement management training videos.
You see on the consulting side of our business we routinely see our local agency engineers and facility managers save $10.00 per square yard simply by helping them to manage their pavements for 2 or 3 pennies a square yard.  In this first PDH Power HOUR you will here a case study that shows you HOW to do twice as many roads for your same annual budget!
Whether you are a facility manager of a huge school district, or managing a city of county, or armed forces installation, there are nuggets in this first PDH Power HOUR™ that will help you do MORE with LESS $$!
The www.pdhpowerhour.com Training Sessions will be posted throughout the year as we produce them.  They will be offered at no charge for the first 30 days, and after that we will raise the price from $0.00 to a mere $14.95, likely the least expensive technical training on the planet.  
Perhaps we can all band together and help this planet increase awareness about pavement management, in-place recycling and pavement preservation!
For this reason, we want to provide this free HD video training series for your local agency, HOA, army installation, property owner and facility managers!
Please share www.pdhpowerhour.com with your friends and colleagues, and post it on your social media sites too like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc.  
We also recommend that you claim your FREE copy of the Amazon #1 Best Seller, The Book on Better Roads so you can learn how to spend 2 cents per SY and save $10 bucks per SY while making better roads for your traveling public.
A PDH Power HOUR™ Certificate can be printed off for you to fill in after you have viewed the fourth part of the requisite Power HOUR™.  
If you would like to enroll for our 70 hour Accredited Pavement Manager Certificate Program or learn more about it click on this link www.ipmaacademy.com.


Blair and the entire IPMA™ PDH Power HOUR Team


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