To: Pavement Engineers and Municipal Road Officials…What if?

What if we didn’t have to be trillions in dollars in debt in this great Country we call America. What if we could resurrect our economy and clear up our backlog deficit of crumbling roadways that are never never never going to get fixed. What if we didn’t have to grind up our paved roads and turn them back into dirt roads any longer because local agencies are literally running out of money to take care of them?

Imagine if you will taking the roads in this Country, and the world for that matter and instead of watching them crumble before your very eyes, you actually saw a steady, gradual improvement of our network of infrastructure.

What if we stopped wasting billions of dollars milling up our worn out roadways and dumping our most valuable resource, 200 million year old rocks that we have already bought and paid for into a desert ditch in the middle of now where?

What if there was a tried and true method of taking these same roads and rehabilitating them with methods that have 65% less carbon footprint, take a tenth of the amount of time to rehabilitate and cost upwards of 50% less to rebuild?

What if, going forward, we would stop letting our roadways get to the point of no return, and actually start to preserve them early in their life. Yes, kind of like going to the dentist to get your teeth checked, we all know how well that works to keep our mouths healthy and teeth shiny. In fact, I could go on with several analogies here, they all work, they all cost less and produce results. But it seems that when it comes to taking care of our most valuable asset in this Country and World for that matter, many local agencies ignore preventive maintenance. Even though Federal Highways Administration have long since proven that these pavement preservation techniques cost substantially less, the majority of the elected officials and pavement engineers that I talk to on a daily basis DO NOT practice these vary techniques.

So before I take you on this marvelous journey of understanding where we have come from, where we are at, and what the solution is let me first say a short disclaimer. Many of the views in this book are those of my own, not that of IPMA™, IPMA™ Academy, The Barnhardt Group, or any of those that are associated with any of the aforementioned firms such as our Academic Partner, IPMA™ Charter Members and Partners.

There are no affiliate commissions coming our way for any of the products or services mentioned in this book, and I am not here to ensdorse or promote any one firm, product or service in this book. There will be more legal eaze covered in the final Bonus Chapter, and you can also refer to the Terms on our website at . At the time of writing this book we had no Corporate Sponsors waiving tens of thousands of dollars at us to get them to say nice things about them.

There have been many great books written on the subject of pavement management, but most are very technical and do not cover the balancing act of combining pavement preservation and in-place pavement recycling. The purpose of this book is to give the reader a very quick reference on how to save their crumbling roads for less money and in less time.

Those seeking more information in a live format to enrich their learning experience will have a chance to do so during the Book on Better Roads Book Tour that will be anounced to those that register their book here . Also those that register their books will receive all links to the videos, podcasts and other BONUS training material mentioned in the pages in this book as well as all new material as it released.

While I promise to take the high road on this journey with us together, there will be occasions when I have to “tell it like it is” in order for you as a reader and future torch carrier to become the best change agent possible for your organization. While taking the high road as such, I will not mention any specific names of individuals, companies, associations or similar.

Again, it is not my intent to call out any specific naysayers that are standing in the way of our Country benefiting from better safer roads at a fraction of the cost of conventional rehabilitation methods, rather I feel there will be occasions in this book where I have to give you pertinent information on the walls that must be broken down if the Three Legged Stool System™ of Pavement Management is to save our economy.

I have divided the book into Two Parts, One for the normal person to get a grip on where we are at with our crumbling roadways. Your elected officials, residents and media should read Part One to understand why you the Pavement Manager is asking for more money. Part Two is for YOU! The one who knows there is a better way. The one who is set up for failure at your City, County, Township, HOA, wherever.

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