Have You Ever Heard of a STRING BENDER?

By definition for purposes of this book I am using the term Stringbender as a name for all of those that choose to stand up to the Naysayers in the world of pavement management, in-place asphalt recycling and pavement preservation.

Stringbenders graphic

You will read or listen to this chapter if you have purchased the audio version of the book, that I strike the analogy between Chuck Berry, being the first or one of the first guitar players to actually record a bent string, thus he became a Stringbender, someone who refused to follow the norm. Someone who changed rock and roll music, and every other genre recorded with guitars from that day forth. As a musician, I recognize that that took innovation and courage to stand up and do something different for mankind. You see if it weren’t for the stringbenders back in the 50s there may have never been Eddie Van Halen!

The Barnhardt Group Atlantic Division
1635 Old Highway 41, Suite 112-248
Kennesaw, Georgia 30152

Phone: (404) 323-5974
Fax: (678) 224-4651


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