Pavement Management History Lesson, Part I

BARM Says…

Single Most Recycled Material In The World (Byron Lord, FHWA)

• The single most recycled material in the world is asphalt

• The U.S. highway community recycles more than 81% of all asphalt back into highway use.

• Yet, we only recycle in place 3% of our roads

• FHWA has proven it costs less to maintain and preserve our roads that rebuilding them

Pavement Preservation:

• ―If cities and counties every truly adopt the concept of pavement preservation, the equipment manufacturers will never be able to supply the demand…. (PP ETG, Charleston, SC)‖

Jim Sorenson, FHWA


  • In 1837 a British patent was issued for a ―mastic cement applicable for paving, road making, covering buildings and other purposes
  • The first roadway in England was resurfaced with rock asphalt (from France) in 1869
  • Emulsions have been available since 1903, and used extensively since the 1920’s

Asphalt Pavement Recycling

  • 1916, Asphalt Heater, City of Toronto Archives
  • 1930, Asphalt Heater, City of Chicago Archives
  • 1956, Foamed Asphalt invented in Ohio
  • 1980s 3rd generation hot in place, milling machines invented for mining industry
  • 1990s CIR equipment invented, FDR with foamed asphalt and emulsion technology deployed
  • Some states have been doing FDR for 30 years

Pavement Preservation

  • Slurry seals have been used in Europe since 1920s
  • Late 70s saw modified slurry, namely micro surfacing on ADTs 20-40 K ADT range
  • Spain, Germany, France were European pioneers
  • Some GA Counties doing over 15 miles per year
  • 1996 Olympics 600 K SY micro done for GDOT & City of Atlanta

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