Learn How to Save MILLIONS Just Like Cobb DOT!

Blair Barnhardt wants to share a video with you! Hot In-Place Recycling is saving Georgia Counties and Cities BIG BUCKS!

“As you are driving down the street, you may see a road resurfacing project that looks a bit heated. TV23 caught up with Cobb DOT’s Mike Lehner about this scorching story”.



Asphalt is the most recycled product in America. In fact, over 100 million tons a year are recycled and, typically, put back in the asphalt plant each year. However, we currently only recycle in-place a small percentage, perhaps 3% or 4% in this country, even though this process has proven themselves to be inexpensive and eco-efficient for decades. Some states that are leaders in using the recycling treatments are currently recycling roads that they initially recycled 22 years ago. This works, folks, and you’ll read all about that in The Book On Better Roads.

Furthermore, ADA (American Disabilities Act) clarifications are doubling the cost of urban type projects. I’ll talk a little bit about that later on in the same session. Only about 10% of the traveling public understands what pavement preservation is, even though everyone knows the importance of taking care of their homes and cars and preserving those assets. Our roadway system in America is our most valuable asset with over four million miles of paved roads.

So, as told a long time ago, never to go to your boss and present a problem without a potential solution. As you might have guessed, there is a simple solution, and I have the solution. It’s the three-legged stool system of pavement management. I will discuss some of the key elements of the system.

For those of you who are not pavement managers — the non-pavement manager type city officials, rater payers, everyday normal citizens like you guys — these key elements are discussed in great detail in The Book On Better Roads and throughout the IPMA Academy along with our sponsor, our academic partner, Auburn University.




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