Dedication to Pavement Preservation (and loved ones)

Dedication It Is KEY!

This is actually a shout-out to JOY for allowing I truly missed Joy while I was building this platform as well as an EMPIRE for others”.  Alright, that is not part of the Book.  But, I digress…HERE SHE IS!

NOW, this is real…

The Book on Better Roads is dedicated to my wife, Joy for putting up with me for three decades while I have taught those that listen and change and fought to educate those that insist on doing things the same way they have since 1956 (you know who you are)

It is further dedicated to all of those struggling city and county engineers, township officials, politicians, and every day residents that are struggling to cope with crumbling roadways in USA and the World. To all of these local agencies not knowing where to turn for reliable unbiased information on how to do more with less and who are set up to fail due to budget constraints they are faced with.

I would also like to thank my mentors at this time for making this book a reality, as well as our mission. Here is a bigger than life shoutout to Brendon, Frank, Jeff, Joe, Mike, Paul, and Tim and all those on The Book on Better Roads Team for all of your assistance  in making this happen, Ben, Brock, Lea, Rocco, Tracey, and of course Joy! Special thanks to Steve and Lee for proofing the content all along the journey, and to Basem for writing the Foreword for us. (Although edited)

That is all I have tonight.

Peace, let us all fix this, together.

Please share and enjoy the content, and start saving millions TODAY for your local agency, firm, base, facility or HOA!  We don’t have to have crumbling roads and parking lots any longer, will you join us?

Call if you have questions at 404-323-5974 or email
Our warmest thanks to all of those loyal clients who have attended our workshops, purchased our books, DVDs, audio CDs, listened to our podcast, watched our training videos, gone through the  IPMA Academy Accredited Pavement Manager Certification Program, and most importantly hired our firm to help them save millions!

Blair Barnhardt, APM
The International Pavement Management Association

Author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller,
‘The Book on Better Roads’

GO FOR IT! #infrastructure


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