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It is worth noting that streets typically fall about three PCI points per year when left unattended, so the fact that Greenville streets are going up 7 points a year on average is a huge testament to their overall approach. Mr. Anderson plans to implement other pavement preservation techniques such as micro surfacing and thin overlays in the future once their backlog of poor condition roads are rehabilitated with the Re-HEAT® process.

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For the past, few years Lorenzo Anderson has been using asphalt millings to make his gravel roads last longer, full depth reclamation for his roads with PCIs fewer than 50. He also plans to use the Re-HEAT® process once the initial contract is finished. “I especially like the idea that the Re-HEAT® layer offers twice the crack mitigation against the underlying cracks versus a conventional mill and inlay”, states Mr. Anderson.

Combining a solid pavement management program such as MicroPAVER™, asphalt recycling and pavement preservation have certainly helped Mayor Hudson save millions of dollars for her citizens in Greenville. Mayor Hudson touts, “green is the new green!” When I asked the Mayor as member of the Alumnae Association of Atlanta’s Spelman College, what advice you would give to our Atlanta City Mayor Kasim Reed, she said emphatically, “Get recycling asphalt!”

“This is an easy way to make a big difference with our environment; we were the first City in Mississippi to use the Re-HEAT® process to recycle our roads in place without a wearing course. I will be telling anyone who will listen, the LGAC members, county commissioners, city politicians; this is a no brainer for us! This process takes so much less time and we are in and out of neighborhoods quickly. The timesavings is not something that everyone talks about, but community members are well aware of the long delays, limited access to driveways, messy tack coat, dust, lines down and noise from conventional mill and inlay projects. They appreciate what we have done so far, one-day traffic control people, once they pass their house they are finished. The residents leave from an old road in the morning and return to a new road that afternoon”.

Mayor Hudson and City Engineer Anderson would welcome any questions that the reader may have regarding this article. For further information, please contact the author of this article Mr. Barnhardt is a National Highways Institute (NHI) Certified Instructor for Federal Highways Administration (FHWA), Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) National Instructor and a course designer and instructor (pavement preservation, recycling and management) for a prominent USA University. His consulting firm also specializes in MicroPAVER™ and StreetSaver® pavement evaluation services.

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