IPMA™ Tip of The Week…Hot is Cool!

In this free video,
Charter Member Bob Kieswetter,
CEO of Heat Design Equipment, Inc. spotlights
longitudinal cracking.

If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have a business.

And if I didn’t have a business, I’d be stuck in some
job (trying to figure out how to take longer lunch breaks
or something lol.)

It’s because of YOU that I can provide for my family,
contribute to charity, and have the time
to publish content that helps others save MILLIONS.

So THANK YOU! Thank you for being my subscriber,
for watching my videos, for buying my stuff, and
for referring me to others.

But just *saying* “thank you” isn’t enough so I decided
to do something VERY special for you.

Until midnight on March 31st you can get IPMA™ Charter
Membership for HALF OFF.

Not only that!  You will also receive 1/2 OFF IPMA™ Academy!

I’m holding this special sale as a way of saying
“THANK YOU” to everyone who reads
my (often crazy) emails.

Here’s where you can save 50%:
Get it here:-)
Do NOT hesitate. WATCH THIS! 



Or, if you need an invoice, call Lori at 404-953-0131 or email lori@ipmaacademy.com

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