See What an Annual Pavement Management Plan can do for YOUR HOA!

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The StreetSaver Chart above shows the increase in PCI for St. Ives HOA in Atlanta, GA.

What is a Pavement Management Plan?  What does it do?


The St. Ives Management Five-Year Capital Plan proactively combats street deterioration in the short-term, and improves the integrity and service life of our streets over the long-term. The plan is grounded in the principle that preventative and rehabilitative street maintenance is more cost effective than reconstruction.

The plan focuses exclusively on the capital needs related to St. Ives’ streets – that is, major street maintenance techniques required for the long-term sustainability of the street infrastructure. This is distinct from day-to-day maintenance needs, such as pothole repair, crack filling and street patching.

The Barnhardt Group updated its inventory and assessment of pavement condition of all roadways in the Spring of 2014. We have just competed the 2015 survey as pictured in the graph above.

Pavement condition was evaluated according to riding comfort, drainage, surface distress and structural adequacy. The condition of St. Ives’ streets is rated using the Pavement Condition Index (PCI). Without effective pavement management and related funding, the average PCI for all Folsom roadways would drop & not increase.

Street maintenance costs remain relatively low until a road’s condition has deteriorated to the lowest acceptable level. As the PCI decreases, the cost of the recommended maintenance technique increases. For example, maintenance of a street in good condition calls for a relatively inexpensive preventative technique called seal coating. A roadway in fair to poor condition, however, often requires a rehabilitative technique called overlay or FULL-Depth Reclamation – at 22 times the cost of seal coating. A failed roadway requires complete reconstruction, at more than twice the cost of overlay.

The Pavement Management Plan takes St. Ives’ commitment to street maintenance to the next, strategic level – prioritizing roadways for repair based on the most urgent needs and preventing roadways from deteriorating to a level requiring extensive (and expensive) maintenance measures.

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