Better Roads Radio Episode 11: 8 Expert Methods for You to Expedite Your Solopreneurship with John Lee

John Lee Dumas is the Founder of the award winning podcast that just brought in over $500,000.00 in one single month. With over 1 million unique listens per month his show has inspired Fire Nation to take control of their life and take the entrepreneurial leap. Are you prepared to IGNITE? John shares his expertise from his show and his course with us today!
In this session John and Blair discuss:
  • How to select your Mentor and grow your business
  • Where to find your Mentor and make sure they are the right fit
  • Amazing perspective on how to start your first Sidepreneur business while keeping your day job as an engineer or consultant
  • John drills down on generational diversity in the workplace and how to find your perfect avatar (thanks to Keith & Kris for that question)
  • What are the best social media platforms for niche businesses that local agency engineers, consultants and construction firms to use
  • Modern day marketing for contractors, consultants and local agency engineers
  • Work life balance with your Sidepreneurship while leaving your current workplace
  • The biggest points of failure for Sidepreneurs
Learn about ILT (you are going to want to listen to this session more than once!!)
Links and Homework for this episode that John mentions:

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