ESG Operations to take over Moultrie’s water and waste system

Congratulations to our Charter Member, ESG Operations, Inc. Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 5.07.46 PM MOULTRIE, GA. — ESG Operations will be taking over Moultrie’s water and waste water system. Moultrie City Council approved a contract with the management company during its city council meeting last week. City Manager, Mike Scott said the ESG has the maintenance and operation contract but “they will operate just like the department does under the guidance of our utility department. The rate will still be set by city council,” Scott said. Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 5.08.06 PM “It will be seamless to the customer and they’ll have a full time office here to manage their onsite staff,” he added. Scott said long term they hope it will provide some savings and the operation of those departments to the citizens. “Initially, we don’t think we’ll have a large amount of savings but down the road we think with some of their purchasing power, the ability to do capital projects in house and we think that will be a benefit to the city and long term savings. So we’re looking down the road,” Scott said. Residents will have the same bill which comes from City hall. Scott said the contract is also a benefit for the employees. “We have a lot of openings. It’s difficult to hire and retain people in those fields. We hope that the operation of ESG will help that cause those people have to be certified. And they have a large pool of people who do that so we think that will be a great benefit to us also,” Scott said. The contract with ESG Operations will be effective  on July 1st.


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