IPMA Tip of the Week | Pavement Management

Hey Pavement Management RockSTARS all across this planet, here is another amazing IPMA™ Tip of the Week for you to watch and share with your employees and colleagues!

In this session, Blair discusses how to handle all those old “pipe farm” subdivision that are now coming back to life like Elvis coming back from the dead (hope we didn’t offend anyone there!)

There are some key takeaways here so that you don’t have to lie awake at night worrying about how to explain to your council or commission about why the brand new overlay down there at that fancy pants subdivision is already tearing up!!!!

Blair has promised Team IPMA™that now that 2016 is going to be the year that he produces more content for you folks than any and all other forces combined can produce in a lifetime (OUCH) so stay tuned for hundreds of all these really cool videos, blogs, podcasts, you name it, with behind the scenes interviews with many of the industries most thought changing leaders in public works and private sector!
There are many ways for you to get more involved with us as we grow as well.  It all starts with the Book on Better Roads which is FREE! And then if you like what you are seeing here today in this video, you can learn a whole bunch more about other products and services that we offer like Pavement Managers Club over at www.blairbarnhardt.com

See you soon!!!!



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