UPDATE – Free IPMA™ Webinar is no longer FULL

WOW!  The webinar filled within 2.5 hours!  AMAZING:-)

So, we have upgraded our webinar platform to accommodate more people!

“Pavement Management Survey Set-UP”

INSIDER TIPS & TRICKS for a successful start!

And here is an added bonus!  Check out this BRAND NEW Tip of the Week from Route 66 in AZ!
u will learn something really cool, then listen to Blair’s little rant about what is pavement management and how spending millions on worst roads first is dumber than dumb! Then, true to his word… he is giving us 10 days to clear out the warehouse with 50% off everything! Yes, even IPMA™ Academy for $998.00!! Can be split into 3 payments so that Agencies can stay under their monthly PCard threshold!

PS: Since this is his first ever bike, any words of wisdom from you experienced riders is much appreciated, we have billions of dollars of roadways for him to take care of!!!

PSS: Blair said he has his ear buds and phone on 7 days a week, you can call him anytime with questions or to rile him up! 404-316-9792

Your IPMA™ Tip of the Week and the Amazing Harley Sale

When:  March 9th, 2016

Time:  2PM EST

Where:  www.joinwebinar.com

Webinar ID: 110-481-587

So Keep this email handy!

It’s that easy!  Please email lori@ipmaacademy.com if you

have a “HOT TOPIC” that you would like to discuss.

Send in your questions by Tuesday, March 8th at 5PM.


Lori (for Blair)

The International Pavement Management Association


Author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller,
‘The Book on Better Roads’


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