Still time to Join the Webinar, Here are the Handouts

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Don’t forget the SPECIAL PROMO CODE, “IPMAHALF” on anything at

This is for Webinar Attendees ONLY!  The “Fancy Software” lets me know, LOL 😉

Hey everyone, we had an overwhelming response to our webinar. Everyone asked show us more, show us more! So, we are creating a SERIES!  Everything Pavement Management!

But for now, here are some handouts for tomorrows’ webinar at 2pm (EST).

So here is a behind the curtains look at what Jason and Blair do day to day to save time and money while doing our expert pavement management implementations across this great country!  ›

If you haven’t got a copy of the book yet, claim yours for free right here…..



Blair has vowed that this year he is going to produce more pavement management content in one single year than any other group of folks has produced in this lifetime, OUCH!!!!!! Stay tuned for some exciting videos, high level secret interviews with amazing and thought provoking public works officials, and just general funducational training!

But, if you aren’t interested in saving your local agency literally millions of dollars you might as well go ahead and opt out RIGHT HERE!

We would sadly miss you however, because we are the only group of individuals dedicated to saving our crumbling roads for less money and less carbon footprint!


Lori (for Blair)




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