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Sugar Camp Elementary student shares passion for asphalt recycling Submitted: 03/17/2016


Drivers enjoy the feeling of going down a freshly paved road. But did you ever wonder where all that old pavement goes when those roads get repaved?

A fifth-grader from Sugar Camp answered that question as part of her conservation project.

Ellie Lurvie finished third at a state conservation contest with her speech. Americans hear a lot about the importance of recycling materials like plastic or cardboard, but not so much about asphalt.
“The United States recycles about 2 million tons of plastic each year,” Lurvey said in her speech. “In contrast, it recycles 60 million tons of asphalt each year Recycled asphalt pavement is the largest recycled material in the United States.”
Now that’s a lot of asphalt put back to use. That’s why Ellie chose the subject for her class science project.

Her parents also work at a construction company in Eagle River.

“A company in 1998 named Pitlik & Wick was the first company in the state of Wisconsin to successfully paved a Wisconsin Superpave Project with 20 percent recycled asphalt pavement in the mix,” said Lurvey.

Ellie also talked in her speech about the environmental benefits of recycling asphalt.

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Story By: Nolan Blair

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