YOUR IPMA™ Tip of the Week | Larry Dobrosky City of El Mirage


For you viewing and learning pleasure is Mr. Larry Dobrosky, Deputy City Manager of El Mirage AZ. I asked Lori to send this out today to our entire list as everyone and anyone who is interested in doing more roads for less money and less carbon footprint can benefit from this candid discussion!

“News Flash”

Spend a few cents per square yard to manage your pavements, save millions, this is the biggest no brainer in all of mankind. At the very minimum, claim YOUR free copy of The #1 Amazon Best-Seller, “The Book on Better Roads”


Now for you Naysayers, you may as well go ahead and unsubscribe right now, because I am about to produce more of these videos for you on a weekly basis, and your inbox will be overflowing with valuable information on saving your local agencies millions.
Lori (for Blair)



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