3 Businesses Have Unleashed Their Potential With IPMA Charter Membership


We are SO excited to announce our new IPMA™ Charter Members. We have 3 professional paving, recycling, coating and concrete experts that are joining us to make our roads great again!

AND, they have enrolled a total of 19 Learners into IPMA™ Academy to earn their APM Certification (Accredited Pavement Manager). Boy will they have the learning curve…;-)

#1 New Charter Member:

Powerhouse Paving is one of the newest to join IPMA™ (International Pavement Management Association) as a Charter Member. We want to welcome James Roy and the 11 Learners that he enrolled in IPMA™ Academy. These 11 Learners will receive the Certification of APM after 21 weeks of intensive online training.

Make sure that your technicians are APM Certified. This guarantees a better result in your paving and recycling needs!

Look for the upcoming webinar with James where he will discuss the latest and greatest in the Northeast sector’s paving industry.
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#2 New Charter Member:

Ah, Ah, Ah…You’ll have to wait. I can’t steal Powerhouse Paving’s THUNDER!

We’ll let you know soon! Hint: this one is going to ROCK the PNW!
But, you can click the question mark to see the benefits of Charter Membership for YOUR business…
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#3 New Charter Member:

Yep, same thing here…this is all about Powerhouse!

Watch for the update. Hint: this one is a “cutting-edge” application to restore roads!
But, you can click the question mark to see the benefits of APM Certification for YOUR Technicians…
So Go SEE Powerhouse Paving

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Duluth is Growing Their PCI, You Can Too.



Nothing, and I mean nothing makes us happier than going out and saving local agencies millions of dollars year after year by implementing an accurate inventory, pavement management program and budget for them. Except for one thing, going back each year there after and doing a third of their network for them!!!!!

We have seen the TBG crew on the consulting side of our business travel over 150,000 miles over the last three years to set up and train cities and counties on how to get their pavements under control and avoid those sleepless nights.

We have also seen the ugly side of the business in our role as a technical trainer where we have had to go in and clean up some rather lack luster pavement management implementations. Perhaps we know too much yikes.

On a positive note, the thing that gets us most excited for sure is going back to see our annual clients, and continuing to see them do more roads for less money and less carbon footprint using MicroPAVER™ or StreetSaver® and following the Three Legged Stool System of Pavement Management that I outline in the Book on Better Roads and teach at IPMA™ Academy.

In this IPMA™ Tip of the Week you are going to get a chance to see an example of this as Audrey Turner, Public Works Director from the City of Duluth walks you through how her PCI is rising each year with the same little budget! Then as a bonus you can watch Jason Spencer APM Master demonstrate how you can input your work history each year in the MTC StreetSaver® software.

Please sit back and enjoy this week’s episode! Be ready to hit the rewind button as there are tons of nuggets here for you to learn from so that you can become the next Pavement Management RockSTAR!!!!

Don’t hesitate to contact me at 404-316-9792 for any reason!

PS We have the half price special on for the next three counties and cities to get started anywhere in USA (actually there are only two spots left as one City in GA just took advantage of that this morning!

PSS TBG is one of only a handful of consultants that have passed the rigorous MTC Prequalification Examination so we are now official P-TAP Prequalified. If you want Certified and Prequalified expert pavement management let’s talk!

PSSS We have had a surge of calls lately to do live training for MicroPAVER™ and StreetSaver® and our schedule is filling up quickly for the cooler months. If you would like to do some online or live training with us, let us know!

PSSSS Don’t forget the AZ Co-Op Agreement can be used to “tag on” and contract with us lickity-split!

PSSSSS If you are at NWPMA in Portland stop by booth #15 and let’s have a chat, my presentation is on Thursday morning!

OK here is the video link again!






Tick-Tock and HA5 | HIR News

Watch this TIP with Andale Construction on HA5…and join IPMA™ Academy for free.
Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 7.49.10 PM
One week left to get Module 1 (full seven weeks) for FREE!

This series will be a “funducational” experience for all. You will receive the most comprehensive video training program available today and perhaps at any time. During IPMA™ Academy training you will receive online curriculum taught by world-class pavement management experts.

IPMA™ Academy will teach agency engineers how to do more with less, while increasing their authority, expertise, and income.

All videos will be high-definition with precise detail on how to implement the three-legged stool system, which marries in-place asphalt recycling, pavement preservation, and a proactive pavement management program.

Consultants and contractors are also encouraged to join our training, along with any other suppliers or vendors who feel it would be beneficial to furthering their career. Each week new material will be released.
If you aspire to further your education in these core competencies listed above, and you have a burning desire to become a pavement management RockSTAR, then this Accredited Pavement Manager certification program is for YOU.

And we are offering for the 1st TIME EVER: Get Started for FREE!


IPMA Charter Member SCORES one for the HOME TEAM! Go Velocity Road Solutions!

Innovative paving process comes to Coweta

by Sarah Fay Campbell

Crews from Velocity Road Solutions demonstrate the company’s road patching process. Velocity, a British company, has located in the Shenandoah Industrial Park.

A British company with an innovative road patching system has recently begun operating at the Shenandoah Industrial Park.

Velocity Road Solutions is located on Amlajack Way, in the same location as its sister company, Pearson Engineering. Pearson, a U.S. Department of Defense contractor, has been in Coweta for two years.

Velocity did a patching demonstration for Coweta County officials last week.

The cold asphalt system is very quick and efficient — taking only about 10 minutes to patch the asphalt, with only two, or possibly three, people needed to do the job.

Velocity has been using the system in Great Britain for years. They first came to Newnan a year ago. Since Pearson already had the facility, “we decided that would be a good base for us in the U.S.,” said Dominick Gardner, managing director of the U.K. division, Velocity Patching. From the Newnan base, they went to South Carolina and did some demonstrations.

“The trial was so successful, we determined that we needed” a location in the U.S., Gardner said. The actual machine is manufactured in the U.K. It is then shipped to Coweta where the final assembly work is done and everything is mounted on a Freightliner truck.

The company will start hiring U.S. employees in the next few weeks, to drive and operate the machinery, said Jensen Matthew, CEO of U.S. operations.

Coweta County Commission Chairman Bob Blackburn said he is impressed with the road patching system but “what I am most fired up about is another quality international company finding Coweta as an attractive place to put their headquarters.”

Both Pearson and Velocity are owned by Reece Group LTD.

“They are tremendous in size,” said Blackburn. “For them to locate in Coweta County is quite a statement for what we have to offer.”

Whether or not Coweta County uses the company for road patching, “I know statewide, other cities will definitely reap the benefit of Velocity being in Georgia and in the U.S.,” Blackburn said. Blackburn said he will be sharing information about it with his fellow commissioners to “see if it is a good fit for Coweta County.”

The first step of the process is using compressed air to blow out any debris or loose pavement in the area to be patched. Then a cold emulsion is sprayed over the area. “It’s more or less a tack coat,” Matthew said. Then a mixture of “aggregate” and emulsion is sprayed over, “sealing up the pavement and performing the repair at the same time.” Then the patch is leveled off.

It’s good for everything from alligator cracks to pot holes, and is proven to last at least a year. Matthew said there are some patches in England that have held for 10 years on primary roads with heavy truck traffic.

The same patch that the Velocity equipment can do in 10 or 20 minutes might take a crew of several people six to eight hours, Matthew said.

They plan on doing demonstrations for other cities and counties soon.